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Slip And Trip Claims

Accidents like slip and fall in a public place or your workplace or on someone’s else’s property may sound like a usual occurrence to many of us. But sometimes these situations may lead to critical injuries which affect your day to day life. Therefore, to get compensated for the economic and emotional loss caused due to the negligence of the property owner, slip and trip legal claims are filed. The liabilities in such cases are difficult to prove. Hence most of such claims go uncompensated. That’s where the need for hiring a specialist personal injury attorney arises. has an expert team of slip and trip lawyers with substantial experience in this specific category of personal injury law. To explore more insight regarding personal injury details, please visit

Accidents which are judged as the fault of the property owner include:
• Open holes, crack in the ground, and no precaution board is placed nearby to alert the passersby.
• Damage to the floor like tiles missing and broken, wet flooring, uneven carpet, which are visible but not replaced or repaired timely and thus creating the circumstances for an accident to happen.
• Lifts and staircase in multistory commercial complexes with improper security and no railings on the sides.
• Making the walkways cluttered with objects like cleaning equipment, boxes or cartoons etc.
• Inadequate lighting in the corridors, staircases or other secluded places.
The liability arises for the property owner when he has intentionally created a condition, and he is negligent in getting it repaired even after knowing about it.

Few steps which should be followed in a slipping accident involve:
Step-1: Arrange for medical help: To avoid any further damage, ask the passerby or authorities for organizing medical assistance urgently. The initial medical examination reports play a very critical role in claiming compensation.
Step-2: Timely report the incident: You should immediately inform the property owner or the responsible management of the commercial building or public place about the occurrence of the event, highlighting the absence of any precautionary alert or assistance available. You should insist them to make a written report and get a copy of the same with you for future legal references.

Step-3: Documenting the whole incident is very important: Once you have recovered post the initial first aid, try to recall the stepwise occurrence of the event, with the date and time details if possible. The contact details of the witnesses should also be collected, as their statements may strengthen your case.

Step-4: Call and consult your attorney: It is essential that you get in touch with your attorney at the earliest, and avoid giving any statement to any authority, whether an insurance company or opponent attorney before consulting with your lawyer.
Some of the damages which your attorney helps you to recover include medical cost and related expenses, loss of earning -present and future, legal expenses, property damages and travel expenses. The stress and pain suffered, loss of household services like supporting the family economically and socially, all these losses are given a financial value through the claim process.

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