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The first thing guests notice even before entering your house is the driveway. You can call it as a kind of status symbol to have a grand looking entrance. To make that happen, you should get it paved, for those who are looking for asphalt driveway in Louisville, KY there are a lot of experienced professionals available. The making of a driveway is a tough job which needs skill and experience, and it also involves a considerable amount of expenditure. Such costly mistakes like should be avoided, and you should take the help of experienced contractors. There are many reasons to have a driveway, listed below are a few of them.

Property value appreciates: The paving process is rigorous with base preparation, layering and coating involved. Post completion of this process your driveway and the house looks very different from before apart from the market value of the property increases. As per statistics, a paved road can increase the value of the property by up to 5%. That can add a considerable amount to the overall property price when you resell it.

Long lasting: When correctly installed and done by an experienced professional paving consultant, a driveway can be long lasting for decades. That can happen only when the right process is followed.
● The soil, moisture retention capacity, weather conditions like the humidity and temperature should all be taken into account.
● A compactor is used to pressurise the soil if it is too sticky sand, stone dust or ash is used instead of soil.
● The thickness in the middle layer should be between 3 to 6 inches. The intermediate layer is the one who handles the pressure of the vehicular traffic and prevents cracks. The middle layer is made of sand dust, stones that are crushed and grovels.
The life of a grovel paving is a maximum of 10 years. Asphalt driveways last for 20 years, and the concrete or bricked ones continue for about 30 years.

Environment-friendly: The driveways in the regions where it snows are made of asphalt, and the black asphalt absorbs heat and radiation. The snow that gets deposited on these pavements gets melted and hence is a better bet in such conditions where it snows. Whereas a concrete driveway is suited for places which are hot and humid and that is beneficial. The moisture present in the atmosphere makes it stronger, and hydration is a process that is beneficial in concrete driveways. Rainy weather can severely affect the concrete driveways. In a region which is dry, concrete driveways should be used as they retain moisture and also the growth of the weed is reduced.

Maintenance: When you have a driveway which is paved there is less maintenance than the ones which are not paved. Also when you do not pave your driveway, you can find potholes and patches which results in the surface becoming uneven. During rainy season that becomes muddy due to which the premises becomes dirty when your vehicle enters the parking, To keep the driveway clean and neat you should have a paved driveway which is less maintenance.

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